As this time of quarantine continues, I notice that it is sometimes difficult to focus and begin my day. I also experience excess energy at the end of the day that makes it challenging to sleep well. As part of my morning routine, I use a tapping practice to energize and balance my energy so that I feel present and focused to meet whatever challenges arise (I may even do portions of this throughout the day to recenter). In the evening, I practice a mixture of Qi Gong and tapping to calm excess energy and circulate any energy that feels constricted.


Just in case you are having a similar experience, I created two videos of my personal morning and evening routines to share with those of you who could use a little extra support.
The following videos include the Morning Energy Wake up, the Evening Vagus Nerve Reset and Qi Gong, and a link to a collection of my guided meditations.

Morning Energy Wake Up

Evening Vagus Nerve Reset and Qi Gong