Holding Pose

Holding Pose

Holding Pose: A simple pose that helps to regulate the body during times of overwhelm, crisis, shock, and collapse.
Vagus Nerve Reset

Vagus Nerve Reset

Vagus nerve reset is a simple tapping technique used as a tool for emotional regulation. When we feel overwhelmed or collapsed, it is difficult to function or think clearly. Vagus nerve reset reconnects the body and the mind. We are able to think more clearly in the midst of stressors
Grounding like a tree

Grounding Like a Tree

Join Jen in this meditation that explores what it is like to be deeply rooted and centered in your body. Imagine the deep roots of a tree. With a strong foundation, the tree can endure any weather. Though it may bend and sway, a deep-rooted tree remains
Seven A's of Healing Gabor Mate

Seven A’s of Healing

The following is taken from Chapter 19 of When the Body Says No; Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection by Gabor Mate, M.D. The Seven A’s of Healing “Pursuing the seven A’s of healing will help us grow into emotional competence. Emotional competence is the capacity that enables us to
domestic violence

How To Modify Your Home As A Domestic Violence Survivor

By Nora Hood Domestic violence in the U.S. is considered somewhat of an epidemic. To give those words more meaning, consider this startling statistic: During the period of 2001 and 2012, 6,488 American troops were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq, but 11,766 women were murdered by an
Elizabeth Haberer Thrive Trauma Informed Yoga

Thrive Trauma Informed Yoga

Self-Care Houston, Episode 7: Elizabeth Haberer joins Jennifer in a conversation about Thrive Trauma Informed Yoga. Trauma Informed
trauma counseling

Abusive Relationships

Self-Care Houston, Episode 4: Chau Nguyen joins Jennifer in a conversation about abusive relationships, important resources and self-care. Chau is a social
Emotional Freedom Tapping

Emotional Freedom Tapping

Emotional Freedom Tapping, or EFT, is very easy to learn, and will help you: Alleviate Negative Emotions Reduce Food Cravings Reduce or Eliminate Pain And Implement Positive Goals
Shame Resilience

Shame Resilience

Shame is an intensely painful experience that impacts our sense of self and our relationships. Shame is the experience that there is something deeply wrong with me and there is no

HeartMob Resource for Online Harassment and Abuse

HeartMob provides support for those targeted by online abuse. HeartMob connects people so that they can support and encourage those suffering from online attacks. If you or someone you know is experiencing online harassment, you do not have to face online harassment alone. Invite your friends, family, or other
Domestic Violence

Are You or Someone You Know In An Abusive Relationship?

Is My Relationship Abusive? For those that wonder if a relationship is destructive, Leslie Vernick created an “Emotionally Destructive Relationship Quiz” to help create

Lightstream Meditation

The light stream is a relaxation meditation used to calm distressing sensations in the body. It is also a body scan that allows you to be compassionate and mindful of what you are experiencing and feeling in this present moment. This is an adaptation of Francine Shapiro’s original Light Stream.