Awareness Houston, Episode 6: Jim Zartman joins Jennifer in a conversation about how the Enneagram is a guide on our journey from “survival to integration.” Jim shares insights about his personal path of transformation and the gift of conscious awareness, grace and courage. 

Jim Zartman is a certified Enneagram coach and the co-founder of The Art of Growth which is a team of coaches and consultants who work with individuals and organizations to help them achieve the transformation they want in themselves, their work, and their relationships.

Bless Them And Go On
A Poem by Jim Zartman

When the way becomes more memory than vision
And the story that lead you here
cannot show you how to go on

When you reach the wilderness
where no maps have been drawn
And terror and excitement
flow through you like twin rivers

May you respond with courage to the pull to go on
when those on either side of you are frozen
and look longingly toward the familiar at their backs

The most natural sense on the surface of your skin
when you stand on the edge of the unfamiliar
is the longing for what is known
even if it was never enough

We cannot blame or shame them
for many have traveled far enough
And in truth…
They carried you to where they themselves could not go

In kindness, turn and thank them
Bless them with all your love

Bless them again
And go on

Dirty Enlightenment
A Poem by Jim Zartman

Enlightenment is beautiful
But shouldn’t be reserved
For meditating monks on mountaintops

It shouldn’t only be for those who have already left earth
To join God in the clouds away from all the wondrous mundane

If the sacred isn’t stationed in simple tasks
And the divine not discovered in the daily movements
That of nursing mothers and tired teachers
Of researchers, writer, plumbers

If it can’t be found in the teaching of a child
Or the feeding of a friend
In the world of dishes and sneezes
Of trash and traffic
Then I am not interested

I am only interested
In a dirty Enlightenment

A Poem by Jim Zartman

Rise friend and face it
Put your feet and faith to it
Rise in all the greatness
They told you to deny
Embrace the world before you and rise

I know there have been stories
You were tempted to believe
A shortness in your coming
Caused a struggle to receive

But this is not a day
For trusting in those lies
So stretch out your whole frame and rise

Rise to what awaits you
It’s not just another day
There is no such thing
That’s not a game we play

Let the stirring bring a burning
For you were not made to hide
So move bold into the morning and rise