Craig Penner Natural ProcessingAwareness Houston, Episode 1: Craig Penner joins Jennifer in a conversation about present moment awareness and the “Window of Tolerance.” How do we know when we are present? What cues help us to know when we are not present? Why is present moment awareness necessary for growth and healing?

Craig Penner, LMFT, is a psychotherapist and trainer, in private practice in Santa Barbara since 1982. He brings a process-oriented approach to therapy, with a strong somatic (body/nervous system) focus, and integrates EMDRand other uses of “bilateral stimulation,” to help the therapy be as efficient and effective as possible.

He has always believed that we have a natural drive to completion and resolution. This has inspired his commitment to develop “Natural Processing,” which is an integration of ways to utilize our own awareness to facilitate that drive. He has been training therapists in this approach across the US and Canada since 2014, and has led consultations and other trainings for over 25 years.

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