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Teen/Adolescent Counseling

So much change and growth happen during the adolescent years as teenagers prepare for the responsibility of adulthood.  Education, self-discipline, and healthy relationships are critical during this phase of life. Some teenagers struggle with these areas due to mental health issues, family conflict, grief and loss, and life adjustments.

Who Can Benefit from Teen/Adolescent Counseling?

Almost any teen who is struggling with issues related to growing up can derive some benefit from teen counseling. Counseling can be particularly helpful for teens who are struggling with adult issues or issues that typical teenagers may not normally face. These issues  include dealing with the death of a loved one, battling a substance abuse problem, or coming to grips with homosexuality. Sometimes teens deals with issues that might bring anyone into counseling, such as depression, anxiety, or attention deficits. In fact, the effects of such disorders can be multiplied many times due to the pressures inherent in teen life, such as an emphasis on doing well in school and peer pressure.

Counseling often helps teens work through unresolved issues, make better choices, and better cope with their environment.  If your teen is irritable, over-anxious, feeling misunderstood, struggling in school, or making unhealthy decisions; there is help.  In my experience teens are incredibly resilient and eager to learn tools that help them function and relate to others in a healthy way.

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