Jennifer Christian Shame ResilienceHi, I am Jennifer Christian. Welcome! Thank you for visiting. I am an experienced therapist with a passion for guiding each client on your journey through a variety of issues including grief, hurt, and/or self-doubt to find yourself again and reconnect with a life you can love. I specialize in trauma, grief, women’s issues, and transitions.

I provide professional experience, compassion, and encouragement as you seek to heal emotionally, spiritually, and in your relationships. I care deeply about understanding your experience, and provide a place where you do not have to journey alone. I share resources and knowledge so that you are empowered to choose what will work best for you. 


How Art Improves Self-Care

Self-Care Houston, Episode 20: Shani Bell joins Jennifer in a conversation about how art and creativity improve self-care. Shani shares how art is an empowering tool in conjunction with therapy and discusses ways to use art as Read more…

Energy Medicine Yoga

Self-Care Houston, Episode 19: Lauren Walker joins Jennifer in a conversation about Energy Medicine Yoga. Lauren and Jennifer discuss the rise of anxiety and stress in our culture and how Energy Medicine Yoga creates a way Read more…