Everything About Sacred Space Circles

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Somatic Experiencing Embodiment

This is an invitation for you to engage with yourself, to engage with the innate wisdom of your body; to peel back layers of coping, contractions, closure, and old habits; to release heartache, grief, and trauma; to come back to yourself, the wild, glorious, untamed part of you that holds power and wisdom; and ultimately, to claim the pleasure that is your birthright.

The Wild Woman Circle™ Is an Experiential Engagement Into Who You Are as a Woman, Not as a Fixed Idea or a Template, but Rather as a Gentle Unfolding of Your Gifts, Talents, and Natural Abilities.

The Wild Woman’s Circle is based on Michaela Boehm’s work “The Wild Woman’s Way®.”

Through exercises, movement, dance, and ritual, you will discover how you express yourself as a woman and experience a deepening of your relationship with yourself and those around you.

You will learn in and through your body how to express yourself with an intimate partner and in your daily lives.


Each Sacred Space Circle offers 4 Elements of Engagement:

Connection and Check-in

Each Circle starts with a themed check-in, which allows you to be seen, heard, and expressed. You’ll join a dedicated tribe of women with whom you can practice and play.


Embodiment is an invitation to “come back into the body.” It is the process of becoming alive to the signals our bodies perceive and sends. You will engage in movement and exercises that sensitize and revitalize your body.

Relational Engagement

Explore your expression of the Feminine through movement, partnered dialogue, and exercises.


Engage in meaningful and potent rituals as a means to connect with yourself and others.

Join the Celebration of Freedom & Connection

Wild Women’s Circle Online

This is an invitation for you to engage with yourself—with your living, feeling body as a portal to unlocking who you truly are. The Wild Woman is a part of…

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Goddess Stories and Trauma Resilience

Jennifer Christian Counseling 1111 Robbie St., Houston, TX

At our deepest roots, we are story-tellers. Women have overcome many adversities through the centuries sharing deep archetypal stories together. The mythological story of Demeter and Core offers new insights…

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