To Become a Master

Photo by Eric Masur on Unsplash

I recently had the honor of sharing an evening with the master Flamenco Guitarist, Ron Radford. At the beginning of his career, he had the opportunity to study the ancient tradition of Flamenco music with the Romani people in Spain. Flamenco holds the stories of struggle, celebration, love, and loss passed from master to master for generations. Ron shared with us the story of his last lesson with the Gypsy Flamenco master. The following is what I remember from his story… in my own words:

You can practice and know all the techniques perfectly, but it will not make you a master. To become a master of anything you must practice three important things:

The first is Love

Love what you do. When you love what you do, the love will come out of your music and give love to all who listen.

The second is Love

Love people. If you do not love people, it can create a barrier between you and others. They will have difficulty receiving what you have to give.

The third is Love

Listen with love. When those around you listen with their hearts and when you are able to listen to others with love… something beautiful happens that is beyond just “me” and “you.” We become the music together.

We become music together.